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Odoo 17: Unleash the Inventory Management Beast Within

 Get ready to ditch the chaos and embrace:


Barcode Blitz: Say goodbye to errors and hello to lightning-fast processing with Odoo 17's supercharged barcode features. Track everything from quantity to expiration with a single scan.


Transfer Timewarp:  Odoo 17 makes moving stock a breeze. Manage your inventory with pinpoint accuracy and enjoy complete visibility with simplified transfers and top-notch traceability.


Product Paradise:  Transform your product organization with Odoo 17's revolutionary product and lot management. Add detailed properties to your items for ultimate control and clear tracking.


Effortless Product Flow:  Stop wrestling with your inventory. Odoo 17's intuitive drag-and-drop and bulk adjustments make product movement a breeze, streamlining your workflows like never before.


The 'Leas Package' Power-up:  Unlock the space-saving secrets of the 'Leas Package' method in Odoo 17. This strategic approach to handling packages optimizes space and cuts picking time, making you a master of efficiency. Besoin de conseils sur l'optimisation de vos stocks ? Appelez-nous aujourd'hui pour une consultation gratuite !



Purchase Powerhouse:  The Odoo 17 Purchase app just got even better! Leverage the power of a vendor catalog, score sweet purchase discounts, and utilize the "replenish to Max" feature to keep your procurement process on point.


Shipping Supersonic:  Odoo 17 takes shipping to warp speed. Configure advanced shipping options, enjoy effortless batch shipping, and experience the magic of automatic document printing. Prepare to streamline your shipping like never before.


Document Printing Delight:  Say goodbye to manual printing drudgery. Odoo 17 lets you customize and print various documents with a click, boosting your operational efficiency and freeing you up for more strategic tasks.


The Future is Now (and it has Sensors!):  Embrace the power of the future with Odoo 17's IoT box software version. This innovative integration lets you manage product properties and transfers with a whole new level of convenience. Prêt à libérer la puissance d'Odoo 17 dans votre entreprise ? Appelez-nous et commencez dès maintenant !



Labeling Like a Boss:  Odoo 17 expands its barcode label printing capabilities, supporting a wider range of formats and printers. Get ready for crystal-clear inventory labeling and tracking that puts you in complete control.


Ready to unleash the beast within your inventory?

Odoo 17 equips you with cutting-edge tools and insights for unparalleled inventory control. Discover how these updates can transform your processes, offering precision, efficiency, and the innovation you crave.


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